Tim Gilpin

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1874 S. Boulder
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

Email Address: timgilpin@gilpinlaw.net
Phone: (918) 583-8900
Fax: (918) 796-5724

Areas of Practice: Discrimination, FMLA, Whistleblower Protection, Workers' Compensation Retaliation, Other, Describe Below

Other Areas of Practice: Americans With Disabilities Act; Pregnancy Discrimination; Sex Discrimination and personal injury

Biography: Tim Gilpin is an aggressive, hard-working Tulsa lawyer with over 28 years of experience successfully representing plaintiffs in personal injury, negligence, job discrimination, wage and benefit disputes, wrongful death, and wrongful termination law.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tim Gilpin is a former Assistant Attorney General for Oklahoma and formerly a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education. Tim represents mistreated victims from all over Oklahoma, including greater Tulsa.

He is fully focused on working hard to provide optimal results for you, his client. When you call into the office, you will talk to a lawyer about your case – not a paralegal or a clerk. When you hire Tim Gilpin, you will benefit from a knowledgeable, experienced advocate who will fight in and out of the court room for your legal rights on car wrecks, workplace harassment, workplace discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, wrongful termination, wrongful death, insurance bad faith, and other forms of negligence and injustices. Tim’s clients can expect maximum results in a settlement or a court trial.

Percentage of Practice Dedicated to Plaintiff Work: 100

Website Address: www.gilpinlawtulsa.com